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What's Coffee With The Captain anyway?

A Judgement-Free Zone where new & experienced entreprenuers connect to learn and share their questions & thoughts.

  • Real Estate

    All types of niches including Wholesaling, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold (Long-, Mid-, Short-term rentals), New Construction, Commercial, Mobile Home/Trailers, etc. All types of acquisition strategies from traditional to innovative.

  • Business Structure & Best Practices

    A set of tools necessary when starting any type of business or refining your current business. Everything from required documents, business credit, corporate structure, employee-relations, marketing, management, systems & improvements, scaling & growth, etc.

  • Personal & Business Credit

    Best practices & procedures to acquire and maintain personal and business credit raning from secured to unsecured credit cards, lines of credit, loans, and everything in between.

  • Investment Strategies - Any Industry

    Traditional & Innovative investment strategies for any type of industry such as transportation, real estate, car rental, etc.

  • Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies

    Learn some of the tested & proven methods of marketing that work in today's fast-paced world...regardless of the industry!

  • Negotiations Skills

    Learn to develop, practice, and implement some of the TOP basic-to-advanced negotiating skills used in everyday business. A focus on serving your community and being the top leader in your industry.

  • Check Out What Others Are Saying About Us

    Changing how Entrepreneurs look at business since 2001

  • "Coffee With The Captain is amazing! I've learned so much about business & real estate in such a short period of time!"

  • "Loved our Coffee with the Captain!! Thanks Captain for all the laughs, knowledge bombs and community!!"

  • "Many of you missed today's Coffee with the Captain and you missed some incredible knowledge sharing within the group. I'll be on EVERY Sunday possible! Thank you again Captain for sharing your time and knowledge to help us help ourselves to turn ambitions into reality! I mean - can you say mini bootcamp!"

  • "Nearly 3 hours! 3! Luckily I had decaf iced coffee in my tumbler during the "Coffee With The Captain" Zoom call this afternoon! Captain you are truly one of a kind! And such a great group of fellow entrepreneurs! Humble, kind, willing to ask questions, and willing to answer! Don't miss next Sunday!!

  • "If you missed Coffee with the Captain, you sold yourself short on a lot of ninja tips. When looking at a new market, what do you look for? Appraisals and disarming a seller based on what they know "Zestimates". Don't miss another Sunday. Captain Thank you!"

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